Books have been a medium of expression of various thoughts, ideas and philosophies. Many great thinkers and philosophers have popularized their ideas via books. They tend to influence our minds! Selecting a book to read is also an art, you just cannot read any type of book. One should read those books which are capable of teaching them something new,  something unique. Something which uplifts them from their present state to realms of excellence. Non Fiction books are some the great books to learn something new. These are those kind of books which inspire us to do something. They change the thought patterns in our mind.  They make us believe that everything is possible,we can make anything.
Proper information and knowledge is very important for everybody who wants to excel in their life. That’s the only reason we opt for the best schools and college when it comes to us and our child’s education. But to sustain in the real world, one has to have the bit of practile knowledge with their academic education otherwise they can face a list of problems in their survival.
Different genre are available in Non Fiction Books and they hold immense benefit.
Personality Development: I’m reading personal development books on a regular basis. It has just become an automatic. I feed my mind just like the way I feed my body every day and I suggest you do that too, because I’m seeing dramatic changes in the way I think, the way I feel, behave and so forth. The same thing will happen to you if you do that long enough consistently. I’m sure, some of you who have already read personal development books. Before purchasing any book in this field, you should really check out who the author is. Reading reviews before a purchase is recommended. Also, old personal development books are the easiest to judge because there was a time for people to put their concepts into the test and many are truly excellent, having passed the test of time.

My list of personal development books I highly endorse and recommend:

•    How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie: An excellent course on developing both influence and a pleasing personality.
•    Tips for public speaking by Dale Carnegie.
•    Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson.
Positive Thinking: Positive thinking not only adds brightness towards life, but also adds energy and happiness. Even our health is drastically affected in a beneficial way. We walk with self-pride, our voice becomes powerful and our body language shows whatever we feel. When you come across such books tag the phrases or words that are really inspiring. Use these books for ready reference. Reading books to bring positive attitude gives an instant boost of energy and inspire you to take action. It is an extremely simple idea, but very effective. There are innumerable positive thinking books and some are really inspiring and full of great ideas and philosophies. You can read these books and find useful information and there are some great books that offer you insight about how to experience pleasant feelings and how to visualize the results in order to achieve effectiveness. It brings brightness towards life and channelize energy in a positive direction. Positive thinking is a mental attitude which can help us manage to overcome life obstacles and to make our dreams come true. It is a mental attitude which can help us accomplish great results. A positive thinking anticipates happiness, joy, health. Through positive thinking we can initiate great actions and have exceptional accomplishments.
Negative thoughts, words and attitudes produce negative feelings and actions. When we have negative thoughts, the body releases some un-healthy substances into our blood, causing even more unhappiness and negativity. Negative thinking uses all of our energy, generating chain reactions and bad decisions, disappointment, failure and even worse health. So Flush all your negative thoughts from your mind and feed it with positive thoughts.

My list of positive thinking books I highly endorse and recommend:

•    How to stop worrying and start living.
•    The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.
•    The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
•    48 laws of power by Robert Green.
Self Help: Engaging in self help is a smart way to change your life in a positive manner. An excellent personal development suggestion is to always ensure you value what you think is best. Therefore, it is extremely important that this is a priority in your life. To achieve success, list personal development goals that are broken down into specifics. By having specific goals in your mind, you’ll have a greater ability in breaking the path into doable pieces in order to accomplish the goal. This assists you in overcoming difficult tasks and enjoying quicker success. Improve your own life by reading good self help books.

My list of self help books I highly endorse and recommend:

•    The 7 habits of highly effected people.
•    The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.
•    The Present by Spencer Johnson.
•    The greatest salesman in the world by Aug Mandino.
Puzzle Books: Puzzles offer an innovative way to challenge our default thinking process. They also serve as a good exercise for our minds. Little do many people realize that they can be a very great educational tool too! Solving puzzles also sharpen our minds. Skill development is yet another characteristic aspect attributed to puzzles. Solving the puzzles will also help in boosting the problem solving skill set in our mind. Then we will have a single goal to achieve and it will motivate us to keep on working harder without giving up. In the due course of time, we will be able to complete the puzzle. An adult as well as a child will have to develop several strategies in order to solve the puzzles. When I solve puzzles I try my best to make them exciting and so intriguing that they really grab your attention. Because of this, they hopefully stimulate your creativity and imagination, teach you to think ‘outside the box’, improve your ability to switch easily from one perspective to another, increase the fluency with which you generate ideas, develop your intuitive powers.
My list of Puzzle books I highly endorse and recommend:

•    The Hinged square and other puzzles by Ivan Moscovich’s.
•    The Shoelace problem and other puzzles by Ivan Moscovich’s.
•    The Monty Hall problem and other puzzles by Ivan Moscovich’s.
•    Tough Topoly problem and other puzzles by Ivan Moscovich’s.
•    The amazing 1000 puzzle challenges.



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