1Life is nature’s most precious gift to mankind. Life is precious. Its every moment is to be enjoyed and cherished, Unfortunately, most of people instead of enjoying it, make a mess of it. Everyone of us want to remain happy in our lives and want to remove small tension or stress. Earlier, people do not have this much tensions in their lives and they remain happy too, but in today’s world, problems are being risen in people’s life at a fast pace. Some do have personal problems, some have carrier problems while on the other side some are not satisfied with their lives. In short, nobody is happy with his/her life. Anyone can be happy at any time, if they choose and allow themselves to be happy.
You must have noticed in your everyday experience that suppose you are racing along a highway and you are searching for an exit from where you can move on to the side lane. But when it comes you just miss it. Why? Because your mind is absorbed in other thoughts. You are not mentally present in that moment. Either you were thinking of something in the past or pondering over something in the future and so you miss the exit even if it is very much there. Whereas the fact of the matter is that the brain is made to accept only present moment thoughts. So what happens is that we are physically present in a given situation, but mentally we are either in the past or in the future, so we miss countless opportunities which come to meet us in the present and also confuse our brain. The result is even more unhappiness and stress.
The only time we have is present. The past is dead and future is not sure. Only the present is the reality of life, everything else is an illusion, a fantasy. We should try to live as much as possible in the present and leave the past and future. Now is the only time you have. If you want to act, act NOW. If you want to express love to somebody do it NOW. If you want to tell somebody how much you love her/him do it now. Forget about past mistakes and future worries. Take right decisions NOW. If you have noticed some personality traits in yourself which need improvement, make efforts to improve NOW.
The world famous Psychologist and inspirational writer Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book The Sky is the Limit says that when a person performs a certain task with full present moment participation of body and mind then there remains no limit to his achievement. He can do marvels.

1)    We will only remain happy if we feel happiness deeply. If we will enjoy, think freely and placing lives in risks in order to that thrilling experience.

2)    According to these experts, happiness is not the station where you have to reach, but it’s the way or your process of travelling.

3)    Live every present moment of your life as the last one and blend every joy with your feelings.

4)    Always expect happy endings from every situation.

5)    People remain happy only if they make up their minds to remain happy and this altitude also makes you know that how to become rich.
Do not try to control everything in your life. One of the biggest happiness busters I see all the time, is caused by people not accepting that life is unpredictable and that challenges may arrive at any time. Yes of course you need a vision and goals for the future, but accept that things won’t always go exactly according to plan, challenges can and will come along at any time. They are an inevitable part of any success journey. So accept challenges and be happy.

BE LIGHT HEARTED: Carry a pleasant smile around your waking moments. Smile and give lots of compliments to others every day. That does not mean you are taking life for granted, but you are learning to be in control of those things that are controlling and destroying others.

BE WILLING: Be willing and ready to give more than you want to receive. The good book says that it is better to give than to receive. Your gifts do not have to be tangible, it can be a genuine smile, helping an old person across the street or some kind and comforting words to someone going through a rough time.

REWARD: Reward yourself for any achievements, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear. The bigger the achievements, however, the more unusual your reward should be.
NOT TO BE ALONE: We were not created to be alone. Therefore, it is very necessary to have close ties and solid relationship with your relatives. Never separate from your family members without a close hug in the mornings. In fact, research has shown that hugging and physical touch is like therapy. You should also have a small circle of close, like-minded friends that you bond with.
So, always keep reminding yourself that the only time you have is now and the only moment you have is the present moment.




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