There is no shortage for the information and knowledge resources in this modern world. Traditionally human beings have been inclined towards the world of fiction. The word ‘fiction’ means ‘imagination’. Very few people know about the different kinds of genres of fiction books. Books are indeed the best friends of human beings. They are the ones who remain throughout their lives. They are the most patient teachers. These make a person familiar with the how’s and why’s of life. Fiction books have always been the best pastime for book lovers. These are the ones which are sold the most among all other categories of books. Every other person wants to read fiction books. That is why, these days fiction books are always in great demand.

Fiction books are extremely exciting and thrilling books. Most of the people find their life lines in them. They take the reader altogether to a new world. They find their time finding its true worth while interacting with these books. These books make them feel good and develop a positive outlook towards life. Moreover, these help in enhancing one’s language skills and expression. Out of all the types of books, the fiction books are totally a class apart. These books don’t have anything to relate to reality. They are composed of exciting plots and thrilling elements. These books contain wonderful stories that come with strange characters and plots. While writing these books, the writers used their creativity and imaginative skills to provide great interest to their readers. These books attract all ages of readers like children, youngsters and old people. The most amazing feature of these books is maintaining suspense up to the end of the story that provides the ultimate experience of reading to book lovers. Most of the fiction books will have college love stories, friendship etc.. Fiction books also deal with tragedy and melodrama stories which are filled with a variety of emotions and expressions in them. Fiction books are therefore different in their approach.

Among these fiction books, the science fiction and romantic fiction books gathered the attention of the readers all over the world. The romantic fictions deal with a beautiful expression of love and affection among the youngsters as the science novels are very useful for all as they describe the good and bad characters in the society in an extra-ordinary manner. Some of the most popular fiction books are from the most popular writers such as Half Girlfriend by”Chetan Bhagat”, Your dreams are mine now by “Ravindra Singh”, Sorry you’re not my type by “Sudeep Nagarkar”, Come on inner piece by”Sachine Garg”, Hold my hand by “Durjoy Dutta”, How about a sin tonight by “Novoneel Chakraborthy” and many more.

Most of the fiction books help readers to get a reflection of their own lives. Life is full of sorrow, happiness, adventure, tragedy as well as fun. These are some of the characteristics of imaginative books, which revolve around the stories of such books. Many people all around the world have hobbies of reading these books. The number of people opting for such a range of books is getting higher.


The place should be quiet where no one is there to disturb you. With your calm mind start reading your book. There is no time fixed for reading books as you can read anytime anywhere you like. Some people like to read in the morning some in afternoon while some people like to read at night after dinner. It is recommended that you should not read the in your bedroom. Reading room should be separated from your bedroom. Now it’s up to you as how much time you dedicate to reading. Some people can read finish the whole book in one night stand while some can’t. My capacity is that I can read continuously for about 2 hours. Sometimes even more.

Being simple is, therefore, one of the major feature of fiction books. They are popular for being easy to understand books to be read for relaxation. The basic aim of reading these books is to relax. Good fiction books are those which enable the readers to relax and have a good time.

So many sources are available in the present day market to buy the fiction books like book shops and online book stores. If you want to buy books through online stores, just you can visit the related website on the Internet to get the complete details of these books like price, about the author and you can read the reviews on your selected book to know whether that booksuits to your needs or not. These books may or may not contain a social message but almost all the times, these have something to make the reader learn.suits to your needs or not. These books may or may not contain a social message but almost all the times, these have something to make the reader learn.





  1. What a great post ! I simply love reading fiction books. It keep me alive. Fiction books helps us a lot. It helps us to improve our English language. It also enhances our reading skills. I must say we all should read fiction boos rather that sitting idle or watching TV.

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