Choosing a book can be a tough decision for many readers. For the public who love to read, finding superior titles to read is difficult. There are millions of titles available in the market, making it difficult for readers to choose from. Besides these readers also get confused between different Genre of the book. With so many kinds of books available in the market, it is sometimes tricky to make the right choice.

There is so much that can be learned through reading and whether you are looking to read non fiction or you have some special fiction titles that you really want to read again, it is a good idea to take the time to find a good store offering these books for sale. Anyone who has purchased a large variety of books in the past before can make a clear decision about buying a book. And those who have never purchased a book or usually buys very often will have problem in purchasing books.

So choosing a book is as confusing as girl chooses a BRA for herself.

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult choosing a book? Why there is a need of choosing a right type of book?. Maybe not everyone thinks so. Let me take you to that point in detail.

Suppose a girl wants to purchase a BRA for herself. Then what she will do?
First she will decide the quantity, as how many BRA’S do I want to purchase. Then she will measure her breast size. Then she will decide the brand. After that she will decide the budget for herself. Then she will think about the material. Do I need a cotton BRA or should I go with designer BRA. There are various types BRA’S available in the market, hence she will think about the various options available for hire. Then she will search for a good store. After thinking about all these factors she will head towards the showroom. Then she will start her search according to design, type of material, color of BRA, price range and many other factors. After the selection she will take trial in the trial room and then will come up with a decision.

Have you noticed something? Well the fact is that this whole process is too lengthy. It requires a lot of time and efforts. It is not a piece of cake that you grab it and finish it within a minute. So if you will choose right bra for yourself, you will be simply happy and relaxed.

Exactly, the same process you will follow while buying the book from a bookstore. By following the right step, you will be guided towards the right path in finding the right book for yourself. These are the steps, normally a reader will follow during the buying process.

Thinking of buying a book >> Number of books reader will buy at a time >> Defining your budget >> Looking for a good bookstore >> Entering the bookstore >> Looking for your favourite Genre or your favourite writer >> Selection of desired books >> Reading a brief discussion about the book >> Making a decision as which book should I buy >> Making a payment. After you purchased the book you simply feel happy, excited and relaxed.

Hence, this process is also very lengthy and time consuming. It takes a lot of efforts in choosing a book because after all you will going to read that book. You have to create an enthusiasm in yourself while reading a book. Actually, this whole process of buying and reading books requires even more efforts than buying and wearing a BRA. Because you have to completely indulge yourself in reading, so that you can get benefit from it. But on the other side the BRA is for only wearing purpose.

Hence we can say that the selection of the right kind of book is very necessary because purchasing of wrong book will simply lead to wastage of your money and time. So choose wisely and live wisely.


The answer is very simple! I have been purchasing books for many years. So I know, as which books is good, which one is interesting, which one is worth buying, when the new book of that particular will release. Moreover, I regularly keep myself updating about the new books, new releases and all that. I know which writers are famous and I judge books by that writer.


•    The first thing you should do before selecting your book is to choose a genre. You will have to decide whether want Fiction or Non Fiction title.
•    Always look for as who is the author of that book. If that writer is popular among people, then you can buy that book.
•    Sometimes titles aren’t catchy and sometimes they are. Always look for the matter inside the book. Understand as what    the book is about, what it has to say.
•    Don’t judge a book by the number of pages. Sometimes, it happens that lengthy book is interesting while even a short book can be boring.
•    Ask yourself these questions: Is there a type of book, or a specific book which I would like to read? ; Are there any books in a certain series, which I  would like to read?
•    Read the bestseller lists published in most newspapers or weekly magazines. Find out which new books are making headlines, and why.
•    Being a book club member is often a way to experience new books you might never have had the motivation to read otherwise.

Hence, these were some tips upon choosing a book. So don’t sit idle. Search for your favorite author, title or genre, grab a copy of your book and start reading. So, indulge yourself in the pleasure of reading books and understand the beautiful world of books.




  1. Lovely post ! I like the way you correlated the word “Book” and “BRA”. It is not difficult to choose a BRA and book for myself. As i am a book lover so i never get confused while choosing a book for myself. I know what authors do i like so i simply go to the book shop and buy the book of my favorite genre and author.

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