Much research has gone into meditation and what it can do for the mind body connection. It has been found that one of the most important benefits derived from meditation is relaxation. When your mind and body is relaxed then you are in a better state of mind. Meditation brings the brainwave to an alpha state, a level that is deeply relaxing and is associated with promoting healing. There are many benefits of meditation, including stress reduction, improved well being, and a deeper spiritual connection.


When many people think of meditation, they simply think of monks who live in caves or monasteries, spending their days sitting cross-legged on the floor. Even today, many people do not realize the benefits of meditation, so they never bother to try it out for themselves. The fact is, meditation is not just for monks and gurus. Everybody can enjoy all the benefits that meditation has to offer. For thousands of years, many different types of people have used meditation to reach their goals and improve their general feelings of well being.

Reducing Stress is one of the most widely known benefits of meditation. Reducing your stress level opens the door for many of the other benefits of meditation. When you reduce anxiety and stress, you are able to focus more clearly on your daily tasks, completing them more quickly and efficiently. This will give you more freedom to do the things you truly enjoy doing and will help to limit your amount of stress even further.

Aside from stress reduction, one of the greatest benefits of meditation is the ability to get rid of the “monkey mind”, the useless chatter that goes on in most people’s heads. Have you ever noticed how your mind becomes cluttered with worries, irrelevant thoughts, and negativity, even when you are trying to focus on an important task? This is the “monkey mind”, and most of us aren’t even really aware that it exists. Consistent meditation allows you to quit the “monkey mind”, so that you can focus more clearly and achieve goals more efficiently.

Meditation is valuable in preventive medicine. We are able, through meditation to lower our blood pressure, which could lead to strokes, we can relax better so we reduce our stress levels and we sleep better which gives us more energy and are better able to deal with minor irritations on a day to day basis. We all need to pay attention to our health before it gets out of hand. Meditation helps us become more aware of our bodies, how it operates and knows when there is something wrong. There are several books available in the market related to meditation. Free E-books are available on the internet.

For starters, you should give yourself a short while like 10 minutes or even 15 minutes. Practice the particular meditation for Ten minutes or even Fifteen minutes daily right up until it might be a lifestyle. Once you’re at ease with Ten minutes you’ll be able to increase the occasion invested meditation by a number of moments.

There are spiritual benefits of meditation too. One of the spiritual benefits of meditation is that it can be a vehicle to experience a stronger connection to the God of our understanding. When we quiet the mind through spiritual meditation, we still our minds and connect to a higher power. People call this power by many different names such as God, Source, Love, Creator, Universe, Higher Self…etc. There is no right or wrong answer, whatever feels good and right to the person meditating. By having the direct experience of connecting to their higher power it can strengthen a person’s faith that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Another spiritual benefit of meditation is that it allows us to slow down and listen to our inner guidance. In this moment of stillness we can ask for answers about the challenges that life presents us. In today’s day and age, there is information coming at us from many directions, including television, internet, and radio. I see many people suffering from information overload which can lead to feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and unable to make decisions easily. With so much information available, how do we make decisions about what is right for us in our lives? The answer lies, in knowing how to quiet the mind through meditation and to listen for the answers, not just with our ears, but with our mind too and our inner self.


Spiritual meditation can be a tool to guide us in the right direction. Just remember that inner guidance will always feel good, right, and natural and cause no harm to anyone involved. When relaxed, we are able to breathe better. Even if you only dedicate a half-hour a day to meditation, you can reap a number of benefits that will change your life!



  1. Nice post ! Meditation really opens the doors to our minds. In this busy schedule, nobody has time for meditation. But we have to do meditation regularly for at least 20 minutes. It will helps us in keeping our body and mind calm and relaxed. Good luck for your next post.

  2. Nice post. I think meditation is very necessary in today’s busy life. It keeps your body calm and gives you mental peace. Meditation also helps in relieving stress. I regularly do meditation in the park for about 30 minutes.

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