Reading is a very good habit. It is a practice that has lots of qualities attached to it. That’s why books are recommended for every person. In this busy schedule and lack of personal time, many people are not being able to immerse into the wonderful world of books. I think a person without a book is empty and life without books is no life at all. It is not that tought to pick up a book for reading. You have to give yourself a free time for reading books. Hold a nice book in your hand of your choice and see the magic it creates in your life. All your tension, anxiety will be gone instantly.

Ernest Hemingway said “There is no friend more loyal than a book”. Books are just like they feed the hunger mind. There are numerous benefits of reading the books.

If you keep a dictionary in front of you for the whole day, and read the word repeatedly in an attempt to memorize it, believe me you will learn nothing except the spelling of the word. But while reading, when you come across such words, you are able to interpret what they mean, so you can use them perfectly in different sentences.

Books provide knowledge. Everything that you read get stored in your brain. Books nourish your mind with so many facts and vast knowledge. You can easily have great knowledge about that place which you haven’t visited before. Books help you a lot in gaining knowledge. It also helps in sharpening your brain. Reading compels us to look at words, analyze them and use them. When you read books, you can learn about new and exciting things that you might not have learned anywhere else.

When you read different books on fiction or non-fiction, you get to know about different peoples’ culture, thinking, imagination, dressing sense, etc. In other words, it makes you diversify into other people. Also, when you read your brain is constantly and thoroughly involved with you, therefore you have a greater concentration.

Reading gives a great deal of confidence in a person. As these books are highly informative, they tend to have an positive effect on a person’s mind. They improve the person’s way of thinking. Thus, reading books results in better analytical thinking. It also helps you in increasing your concentration power. Books are also a tremendous way to expand your vocabulary to include words that you might otherwise never learn. By reading books like mystery novels, you can help train and sharpen your mind in order to implement those skills in the real world. If you are faced with a problem in real life that has any sort of similarity to the ones that your mind has seen in books, it will be able to better handle the situation. Another benefit of books is their ability to help you have better conversations.

Let me give you a exciting example of myself: What happens to me that when I start reading the book I get so indulge in reading that, rest of the world is just left behind and I don’t care about it and no matter how short the time is I just focus my mind in reading the book. I get so immersed in the story when the book gets interesting. So my focus is only on the books. Thus, I love reading books and books are my best Friends too.

Books can be a perfect entertainment for you. They can make you smile and happy, but they will never make you sad. They also help in stress reduction. Many books are so well described that the reader himself starts imagining the entire scenario and the characters. Books are extremely portable, so you can carry them anywhere you want and read them. When you read books extensively, you get more ideas on how situations can be twisted and turned to meet the desired level of destination. A great thing about books is that they can be used almost infinitely to help you and other people.



  1. Nice post ! It is very true that books are best friends in our life and these also play an important part in our life. I am a book lover lover too. I recently finished reading a book named “Half Girlfriend” by Chetan Bhagat and seriously i like the book and i am also a huge fan of this writer. We all should read books because it helps us in improving our English language.

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