For every problem there is a solution. I have found that there is only one thing that heals problem, and that is to love yourself. When people start loving themselves, they began to realize as how their lives get better. Actually, they feel better. Their relationship improves and negative thoughts start dissolving. Loving yourself is a wonderful experience. It’s like learning. The more we learn, the more we’ll get benefited. So don’t stop loving yourself. Keep loving yourself more and more.

When you read good books you actually help yourself. In fact, you are healing yourself. Actually books are like medicines who helps us to heal ourself.

Ok, let’s start with the beginning.

When I started reading books I didn’t show any enthusiasm towards books. I used to read novels by Indian authors, puzzle books, positive thinking books, fact books, etc. I used to read just for fun. But then one day I thought, what’s the use of reading such books. I was thinking again and again deep in my mind. Then I came to a conclusion that I will read books not just for fun, but to gain knowledge to grab something. So I started concentrating on books. I choose a book and started reading it the whole day. The title of the book was “Greatest Salesman in the world”. I didn’t leave the table until the book got finished. I was highly impressed by the writer, the way he has written the book. The book was awesome, in fact, it was fabulous. I couldn’t resist myself from thinking about that book over and over again. I so loved the book that next day I again read that book.

Book of nature
After reading the book my mind was completely changed. I started feeling good and started loving myself. The fact is that you just don’t read the book, you grab the knowledge. You grab the power to heal yourself. Your way of looking gets totally change.

When I finished the book I thought it’s not the glass of water you drank it and it’s over. But you have to drink it slowly. The point is that don’t put the book down if you have finished reading it. Apply the changes in your life also, then only you will get real benefit. You have to read it again and again in order to apply changes in your life.

When there is nothing to, do what I used to do. I used to read books and I am still reading books because I love reading books. Books help me a lot. When I used to feel alone, when there is nothing to do, when I used to be in tension, when I used to be sad in all the cases I used to read good books and get healed myself. But today I am neither sad nor I feel empty or loneliness because I have learnt to remain positive in all cases by just reading books.
So love reading good books.

Reading gives your brain a different kind of workout than watching TV. Getting lost in a good book can help keep you healthy. There’s a healing power in positive thinking. I’ll tell you how the power of positive thinking helps you heal yourself.
The power of positive thinking is so powerful that today doctors recommend to live and think positively in order to overcome your sickness. You need to put and end to negative thinking. It also makes you healthy from a physical point of view. So if you want to remain healthy you have to be positive in your attitude.

So each and every book is unique in its own way. Pick any book and start reading. It will surely divert your mind towards positive thinking. It will not only give you mental calmness, but will also heal your body from inside.

Here is my real life example for you:

Once I felt ill. I was in high fever. I Was lying on my bed thinking about my illness. Then I realize I must read a book as it will surely help me in healing my illness. I pick a book from my bookshelf and started reading it. As I was reading the book, the positive vibes or positive energy was transferred into my body. I read that book for just 1 hour and started saying loudly. I am feeling ok. I am not ill. I was continually repeating this for 5-10 minutes. Within just 2 days my fever was gone. From that day whenever I used to be ill I would say I am not ill and this became my routine for life. And since that day I have gained so much of positive vibes that the negative vibes can’t enter my body. That’s why I am so much positive in my nature.

So now I knew, that how to heal yourself through books. If you are affected with 100% of illness, then I am sure by reading positive thinking books you can heal yourself up to 40%. Isn’t it better yourself. And believe me there are many health


benefits of reading books.

So love yourself more and more and do not neglect the power of books, the positive vibes it gives.



  1. Positiveness is very necessary in our life. One has to remain positive in our life. Even i am a positive thinker. I never allow negative thoughts entering my mind. Your post is very informative. Looking forward for your next post regarding positive thinking. Thanks !

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