Osho believed that meditation should be a main priority in everyone’s life. Osho’s meditations have changed the lives of countless people all over the world. But it’s not just Osho sannyasins who believe in his theories. Many doctors, teachers, and psychotherapists all over the world have used Osho’s meditations to help their patients and students. Osho emphasized the importance of meditation, creativity, humor and awareness in life.

Osho Dynamic Meditation comprises of five stages, four of which are accompanied by music. The first stage consists of rapid breathing through the nose, which goes on for ten minutes. The next ten minutes consist of catharsis where one is given the full liberty of doing whatever one feels like. The third stage consists of jumping up and down with arms raised and shouting Hoo every time one lands on his or her feet. The fourth stage, also known as the silent stage is one where the person stops all motion for fifteen minutes, observing whatever is happening inside. The last stage consists of dancing and celebrating for fifteen minutes.

Osho spirituality also includes teachings on the ego and the mind where Osho compares every human being with Buddha and considers that we all have a capability to be enlightened, to love unconditionally and respond to life. Osho Books too are widely available and are popular among believers of Osho spirituality, a following gaining worldwide importance and recognition. Osho books are collections of his sayings on Jesus, Tao, Buddha, Zen, Sufi Mystics, Upanishads, Yoga and many more.

To learn more about Osho, Dynamic Meditation is the best way to do it. Osho believed that meditation was a way of life – not just a casual hobby. To Osho, though, meditation should not be a silent, still activity. Instead, he believed in using active movements and sounds to eliminate your stress and tension. Osho’s Dynamic Meditation focuses on the belief that you simply have too much energy to sit and ponder. To get rid of negative energy, you have to physically eliminate it. To Osho, Dynamic Meditation is the only way that you achieve true balance – and true happiness.

And, with an Osho mp3, you can listen directly to Osho’s discourses. Depending on the Osho mp3, you can listen to him discuss the meaning of life, the proper relationship between parents and children, or his take on powerful emotions like love and hate. And, there are plenty of discourses to choose from.

You can achieve greater peace by incorporating Osho into your daily routine




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