Reading is considered a good habit for everyone. One should read books on daily basic or whenever he/she gets time to read. But reading is must. As we see in our daily life that calcium is necessary for our bones so as the book is also very necessary for reading.

So forget your troubles while you enjoy the benefits of reading.

People absorb the power gained from reading which can be priceless. Reading helps you a lot and expand your knowledge and create awareness. It also stimulates your creative imagination as well as feeds the hungry mind. Because your mind is always despirate for more and more information.


When you get supply of knowledge through reading this helps you to broader your mind and helps you in discussions and conservation with others. Hence you will have a wider undestanding through discussions. Ultimately it will make you very intresting person among others.

Reading stimulates your imagination into action. Some of the great books have been written by some of the best and most creative minds.

Other benefits of reading is that it can inspire and motivate you. Reading takes you away fom your normal life and let you enter into the another completely different world. Reading makes you more wiser. Reading is enjoyable as well as factual.

Life becomes so much intresting when you indulge into someone’s writings and you can never stop learning. You can take a book with you anywhere you go. Limited knowledge can hold you back and prevent you from gaining more and more information.

Reading can also help you with loneliness or boredom. Reading is an ideal way to pass the time away especially on long journey’s. There is nothing better than spending some time on holiday or weekend relaxing with your good book where you can quitely read your book. And you can leave all your troubles   while reading, so make books your loyal friends.


Most people live with their same old unhelpful thoughts because their mind has nothing better to do and they have the same type of conversations because they do not expand their knowledge or don’t want to.

Most people read at least one book per week whether it is fiction or non fiction. So you cannot succeeded in life with limited knowledge and information.

Not many people have achieved success without knowledge and learning more and more. Reading hepls you to become more smarter. Knowledge is a power and reading a book can help you in expanding your knowledge. The more you learn the  more you acquire knowledge the more you will have to talk about it. Reading is an never ending process. You keep on reading for hours and the great thing is that after you have acquired plenty of knowledge you can share that knowledge with others too.

Our brain is a never ending processing machine and to prevent  it from growing in wrong direction it needs feeding and nourishing with new information. Reading books also helps you improving your spelling and vocabulary of words. Reading can definitely help you improve and can do better in your life in many ways. It is an excellent way for developing our writing skills and to improve our creativity.Reading can be a great way of beating T.V. Once you get fully engross in a good book you can lose all track of time.


A lot of people find that reading can help them unwind and relax at night. Reading helps you in sleeping more easily and comfortably. It is advisable that you should read the book in a different room, not in your bedroom because bedroom is for sleeping and you need to concentrate on your book. You will definitely get peace by reading books at night. So reading also helps improving your concentration.

From reading you can acquire the appropiate knowledge which can help you to improve your health. And if you will read on a regular basic you can reduce your stress level also.

One of the main advantage of reading is that it also gives you positive feeling. Read a good book and your worries and negetive are gone. So if you are feeling depressed you can read books related to self help. If you feels shyness in yourself then you can pick personality development  book for you. It will only helps you in overcoming shyness but will also help you in developing your personality. Some poeple like reading fiction books while some like reading non fiction books. Different people have different taste in reading. Good fiction writers are capable of writing gripping novels. Some of the good writers in my opinion are :-

Chetan Bhagat

Novoneel Chakraborthy

Durjoy Dutta

Rahul Saini

Tushar Raheja

Ravinder Singh

Sachine Garg

Nikita Singh

and many more……………

Besides these many positive thinking books are also availabe which are capable of developing positiveness in you. For negetive thoughts you can read positive thinking books. One such great book is :- “How to stop worrying and start living” by  Deil Carnegie. So there is a positiveness in you, you just need to explore it.

So in the end the advantage of reading is something you should not ignore and it can give your mind a much awaited escape from everyday stress and worries of life. So you can improve your whole life by reading books and in near future and may you can double the speed of your reading. Amazing.



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